J&J carries a full line of eavestroughs accessories for contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

If you're interested in installing it yourself, use the diagram below to figure out what parts you need, or discuss your project with one of our expert team members.

The Anatomy of an Eavestrough


What the Numbers Refer To

10. Nail-On Hanger
11. Right End Cap
12. Wire Strainer
13. Outlet
14. Elbow
15. Down Pipe
16. Pipe Strap
17. Elbow
18. Splash Block

1. Eavestrough
2. Left End Cap
3. Strainer
4. Gutter Hanger
5. Splash Guard
6. Inside Mitre
7. Outside Mitre
8. Spike & Ferule Set
9. Hinged Gutter Guard

Be sure to ask about our Alu-Rex Gutter Guards


If you're installing eavestroughs as part of a larger renovation, you'll want to take a look at our Soffits, check out our Other Products, or Contact Us ans schedule your free estimate today!