How To Install Eavestrough

Prepare the old fascia for new eavestrough by pounding in any loose nails or cover with aluminum fascia .

For single runs with endcaps install the hangers every two feet and snap on the endcaps while the eavestrough is on the ground. You may also cut in the outlet at this time or you can cut it in after the eavestrough is hung.

For runs with corners install the hangers but leave the corners off.

At the high end measure down from the shingle or the shingle starter 3" and make a pencil mark. At the low end at the outlet area measure down 3" plus the slope  you want, (about 1/16" per foot is ok) and make a pencil mark.

Snap a chalk line from the two marks. This will be the bottom of the eavestrough.

If you have a down pipe at both ends the high spot will be in the middle of the run.

With two or more people lift the eavestrough into place and put a screw through the hanger into the fascia.

To go around a corner snap on a corner piece (Mitre) and repeat the procedure. The mitre will help hold the corner of the next piece.

When all the eavestrough is fastened in place cut the outlets in and fasten all corners. Caulk all seams with gutter seal or a high quality silicone.

Assemble the downpipe and fasten the top to the outlet and the downpipe to the wall using pipe straps and screws.

If you use 10 or 20 foot sections instead of seamless overlap each section at least 3" and seal well . Always lap with the water flow as this will minimize the chance  of leaks.

For a visual list of eavestrough components, check out our Eavestroughs product page. And don't forget to make sure you have all the Tools and Fasteners before you get started. If you have any questions, or want to order your eavestroughs and get started right away, Contact Us today.